Dental Implants or Bridges or Dentures: Which is the BEST?

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To replace lost teeth, you can either get a dental bridge or you can rely on dental implants or even can go for dentures. Each has specific benefits and disadvantages of its own!

The Latest being The Dental Implants;Their biggest advantage is that  they protect the other teeth. In the case of a dental bridge, the natural teeth have to perform the function of support,so it has to be prepared to fit crowns over it. But  implants are not putting any strain on other teeth.

Another great advantage of implants is that they can be used to replace more than one missing natural tooth. In the case of a bridge, we will need healthy adjacent teeth for support. Various combinations are possible in the case of implants. We can replace a single missing tooth or a denture.

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If you are considering implants, you should take in consideration another important advantage – implants are easier to maintain. The cleaning process is very simple and  In addition, implants look more natural compared to the dental bridge.

Dental bridges, on the other hand, come with a number of advantages, as well. To get a bridge, you will have to undergo a simple dental procedure that involves no surgery. In order to be placed in the mouth, dental implants require surgical intervention.

 A dental bridge is recommended in the case of jaw bone loss or significant damage. The process will be simpler,  less expensive in such instances. It is important to know that the positioning of dental implants demands healthy bone.

Once fixed, the bridge is very stable. It will provide for effortless chewing of food and it will feel comfortable, once you get familiar with it. Dental bridges are also a less expensive option than other dental methods for the Replacement of missing teeth.

At the same time, and recent advances in dentistry have resulted in dentures that are more comfortable, attractive, and functional than ever before. We also offer flexible ,unbreakable flexidentures that can easily fit to your needs.

 Traditional dentures have been a popular treatment for several generations, but newer options such as All-On-4 over dentures are also preferred that can be more comfortable than the tradional ones.

“Your choice of teeth replacement options will have a tremendous impact on your quality of life – don’t make this decision all by yourself”

Dr. Rajmohan.

After Knowing  all these factors will help you make an informed decision about dental implants and bridges. Each option has its advantages that need to be compared for an informed decision to be made.Visit Thanjai Dental Centre ,we  can help you evaluate which  are truly the best solution for you.”