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I've been going to thanjal Dental Center for over 15 years. Ihad so many problems with my teeth. Couldn't smile, talk on phone or to people at work without covering my mouth.Ihad teeth extracted and implants set into both upper and lower gums. A lways thankful to doctor.My full fixed set of teeth are still wonderful!

Gnana Sekaran

I had frequent headaches & jaw pain and after consulting many doctors. Finally got the solution from Dr Rekha. She took xrays & found my real problem, and finally got my wisdom tooth removed. She explained everything and my surgery was much comfortable. Now I have started recommending to my friends. Thank you doctor for your concern & care.

Dinesh Kumar

The best dental care I have ever experienced! The professionalism and friendliness of the Dr.Raj & Dr.Rekha has been outstanding...would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Saravanakumar kadirvelu

We visited the clinic for my dad's Root canal treatment Doctor explained course of treatment, after care, reasons for the issue to the point. Best care was provided!

Sembian Renga Rajan Veerasamy

Best dental care at affordable price, I have done rece advanced laser root canal without pain, best almost setup

Abirami Govindarajan

Doctors are so patience and kind to the patients at the time of consultancy and made us know about that particular treatment. The services rendered by them are well and advanced in technology.

Kaviyapriya K

Very excellent treatment in Thanjai Dental Centre. Dr.Rajmohan & Dr.Rekha madam are good approach.

Peer Mohammed

They are very professional and polite. and would love to share my views here. I am visiting Dr Rajmohan for the past 4-5 years, whenever i come to India. As person with week dental Gene and sweet tooth, i have been to many dentist, in USA and India. Dr Rajmohan is surely on the top of my list. I like his professionalism. I got the same level of service like the one i received in USA, for a fraction of the cost. Also i have to mention that the cleanliness of his equipment and the clinic. They are on par with the other top dental clinic in USA. (In few cases it exceeds. Yep some bad dentist are here in USA too). I would recommend him to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

MuthuKumaran Veerasamy

Have approached Dr. Rajmohan for teeth crowning in Order to make the top 4 teeth's even The process followed by the doctor and the expertise he has showed was really positive and given me a great confidence Finally the crowing was done and it's suited for me to a great extent. Thanks

Anandaganesh Balachandran
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