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Uncompromising on the maximum benefits to our patient with a holistic and long term outlook.


Being experts and means continuous learning and high-level performing. Our doctors and staff attend conferences and publish research papers focusing on quality and innovation to find sustainable new solutions.


Providing a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere for our patients and staff members.

Thanjai Dental

The Leading Multi-Specialty Centre


We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

The state of the art dental clinic leverages cutting edge dental technologies such as Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery, Fixed Dentures and Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Teeth Whitening, fix gummy smiles and teeth straightening using Orthodontal treatments etc. A lot of these treatments are done under sedative agent and local anesthesia thus rendering the dental treatment completely painless.


We provide Comprehensive dental care with the specialized focus on advanced, pain free surgical procedures such as Dental Implants, computer guided implant and cosmetic surgeries, full mouth implant dentures and Gum treatments.

Why Thanjai Dental Centre


  • We are passionate about offering dental care for our patients throughout their lifetimes. Generations of families have trusted Dr. Rajmohan with their family’s oral health because our team goes above and beyond to build relationships with patients by always offering honest recommendations and advice for those we treat.
  • We at Thanjai dental centre, provide the best and same latest treatment without any compromise as in first line cities but at a more cost effective manner.
  • We are the , only multi speciality hospital attached dental clinic in thanjavur. where all specialties including medical, dental, emergency, trauma care are all available under one roof.
  • Maintenance and clinic management is more affordable here than in other first line cities, we are able to provide latest quality dental treatment in cost effective means.
  • Hypertension and diabetes are very common today, we should take care of blood glucose levels and this could not be managed by dentist alone, under guidance of diabetelogist , cardiologist we take utmost care for your overall well-being.
  • No one is completely fit today, so any medical or dental emergency during or after dental procedure can be managed more efficiently so you can always be assured that your are in safe hands.
  • Our hospital follows regular protocols in professional care in terms of sterilization, patient management, follow up, clinic disposals etc,Regular fumigation is done weekly twice,the dental faculty is maintained like an operation theatre.
  • Every instrument is autoclaved. You have flexibility of obtaining dental treatment as inpatient or outpatient. This is required if you need to claim for treatment as all insurance companies demand inpatient facilities along with proper records.

Trustworthy & Honest


Dr. Rajmohan and his team would like to make you a promise before you ever walk through our doors. we always provide honest advice and treatment recommendations you can trust. We truly care about helping each of our patients make the right oral health decisions for their unique needs, budget, and lifestyle. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions any time, our dentist or one of our team members will always take the time to help you anyway we can.

Accessibility Focused


Every patient has unique care needs, and if you or any member of your family need special accommodations of any kind in order to receive safe, effective dental services, please do not hesitate to ask. We have plenty of accessible parking, and our clinic is equipped to accommodate any patient need.

1-ON-1 Attention


Have you ever been to a dental clinic where you felt confused, left out of the treatment process, or like your dentist didn’t have the time to help you understand your oral health care needs? You’re not alone. Many patients visit our clinic after having negative experiences with other clinic where patient care was not the top priority. At Thanjai dental, we take the time during every office visit to sit down with you one-on-one and discuss all of your treatment options.

Safe Hospital Based Dental Practise In Thanjavur


Hospital dentistry is practiced, as the name suggests, within the hospital in which the patient get specialised care & latest treatment. We treat both inpatients and outpatients, depending on the needs of the individuals. Treatments range from short-term maintenance of oral health to long-term, Minor to major dental treatments, Reconstructive work or dento-facial surgery, Dental Implants, cosmetic dental surgeries, Preventive dental care, Etc…


We have typically received training specifically in hospital dentistry or through hospital-based courses or residency programs. Often, we have additional training in oral surgery. This combination of experience and education enables them to understand the complexities of their patients’ needs and health goals.


Hospital Dentistry offers a compassionate, efficient alternative to routine dental clinic practise. Frequently, patients who  have no time to maintain a rigorous dental schedule in addition to their other medical treatments, can get treated here . In some cases, its best to get treated in hospital setting in order to receive best treatment. Also, everyone can have a complete standard dental regimens in a short period of time in a more effective affordable way. Dental Insurances are easily approved when you get treated in our centre.


 If you have any questions about hospital dentistry or think that it may be necessary for you or someone you love, please contact us.

Thanjai Dental's Promise


With 20 years of excellence and 100 plus years of collective experience, Thanjai dental centre provides state of the art dental care in good clean hygienic clinics with affordable and transparent pricing. We are one of the Senior most Dental team in Thanjavur comitted to provide the most ethical dental care in town.

We are proud to commit to the following dental services


  • General dental consultation round the year with Specialist for every branch of dentistry
  • 24 hour on call emergency and trauma care services
  • Home visits on request in Thanjavur for geriatric and needed patients.
  • Complete dental check up and restorations in 24 hrs
  • Latest all ceramic with zirconium crowns & bridges
  • Root canal fillings in one visit for eligible cases
  • Dental Crowns & bridges in 24hrs
  • All Wisdom teeth extractions in one visit
  • Dental Implants from nobel-bio care,sweden,leaders in implant
  • One hour tooth whitening Cosmetic treament
  • Online dental appointments
  • Anesthetist & medical doctor on call
  • Friendly & Well trained Dentists & Staff

  • We value your time and are committed to seating patients on time.
  • We devote many hours to clinical excellence. We are highly trained and capable to answer any question you may have.
  • Our facility is state of the art. Patient safety is never compromised.
  • Our surveys have shown that 100% of our patients would refer their family and friends to us.
  • We offer a full range of dental services for all ages – same day restorations and full mouth restorations.
  • We use premier labs with the highest quality materials to assure superior outcomes with warranty for materials used
  • We offer insurance solutions .
  • Doctor owned practice where investment is in you and the practice.
  • The office is conveniently located with ambitious parking and 24/7 access to dental care via emergency service monitoring.

All Specialities Under One Roof


Multi-Disciplinary Practice Many patient’s needs are more complex than a simple filling or a crown. At Thanjai dental, our dentists have focuses on many different aspects of dentistry. This allows us to comprehensively take care of all our patient’s needs.

  • We have restorative dentists who can restore your teeth to their proper function and fit. We have cosmetic dentists who have the ability to transform your smile into a beautiful smile that you’ve always dreamed of. We also have surgical dentists who are experts in the field of more complex cases.
  • By having all these experts in one place, we allow for communication on different aspects of your smile, to give you the best result and the best service. It’s also extremely convenient for you!
  • You can visit us for your regular teeth cleanings, you can undergo IV or oral sedation, you can get a root canal or have oral surgery. We cover your comprehensive treatment because we have highly-skilled doctors who do different disciplines of dentistry, under one roof. People really appreciate not having to be referred out somewhere or go somewhere else. We can handle it all through our team of doctors.
  • Thanjai dental offers most all dental services under one roof. Dentistry is a broad field of practice. By bringing in Doctors who excel in certain arenas of dentistry and putting them in ONE dental location we have eliminated the need to send you to a separate clinic for procedures (in most cases). We realize that once you get comfortable in our dental clinic that you don’t want to drive across town to another specialist’s office. From Veneers to Dentures to Dental Implants to Complex Oral Surgeries, we offer it all at Thanjai dental centre!

Thanjai dental centre Is The Best Choice For Sedation Dentistry


Cosmetic Imaging: Your New Smile


How Does Smile Imaging Work?


At thanjai dental we have the capability, through excellent imaging technology, to show you your very own “before” and “after” pictures of what your smile could look like after a smile makeover. We can simulate whitening, closing gaps in teeth, smile makeovers with veneers, and many other cosmetic upgrades.


it’s one thing to talk about changes, it’s way better to see what you could LOOK like with the changes in place! And, if you like what you see we can deliver those results in as few as two short visits.


Minimally invasive dentistry


Conservative Dental Treatment equals Better Patient outcomes


Dentistry is changing in a major way, is becoming far less invasive. For patients, that means less drilling, and better outcomes.


At Thanjai dental centre, we practice minimally invasive dentistry with veneers, cavity treatment, gum disease treatment, and much more.


with our advanced technology, invasive treatments diminish and become replaced with minimal, gentle and simple procedures. No-Prep veneers, for instance completely transform a smile without the need for numbing or drilling down teeth. We no longer have to grind teeth for restorative crowns, instead we use conservative porcelain fillings to restore and strengthen your teeth. In addition to these minimally invasive restorative techniques, we can reverse cavities using specialized rinses that grow back enamel and reverse the cavity formation, eliminating the need to drill and fill. Our use of technological advancements coupled with innovative and gentle gum disease treatment create an industry-leading dental practice committed to continued education and dedicated to quality patient care.


Quality Control


Special emphasis is given on Infection Control, Sterilization and Bio-Waste disposal to ensure maximum safety for our patrons and our environment.

We Follow 7 Steps Sterilisation & Disinfection


Effective and efficient infection control in the dental clinic is essential for the safety of patients and to ensure that productivity does not suffer.  We at Thanjai Dental Centre always Care For you & your smile,we follow 7 STEP Protocol which completes an Infection control program  and ensure that you get a SAFE EFFECIENT DENTAL TREATMEMT.

  • We use Disposables wherever possible and utmost care is taken to ensure you get the best treatment in the best clean atmosphere.
  • We also consult with the manufacturer of dental instruments and devices to assure complete sterilization and to avoid damage to these items.
  • Assurance of sterility of instruments and devices are obtained through the use of  several tests, and these tests are performed regularly to ensure that all instruments and devices  are safe for use on patients.
  • We believe in quality care and continually evaluate the latest dental technology and material to give our patients the most latest and leading treatments backed up by the best evidence.
  • We follow international guidelines on sterilisation and cross infection control.
  • We are equipped with the latest sterilisation equipments &  Standard protocols are followed to  control any infection risks from dental procedures. So Whenever you think of Latest Best Dental Care Think of Thanjai Dental Centre

Dental Awareness


Through multiple initiatives via dental screenings, free camps, dental health talks, kids’ dental programs, we try to engage our society and create awareness about dentistry.

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