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Your Smile is first thing people notice,So improving your Smile boosts your self esteem as well your confidence.


Teeth whitening is most easy and effective way to improve yor smile.


Thanjai Dental Centre offers Laser Teeth Whitening ,which Removes your Stains & gives a Dazzling Smile.


Regular Teeth whitening methods are tiresome ,involves much time,which involves Teeth whitening kit,has to be applied in home{overnight application} or inoffice.


Whitening material is applied in custom made tray,and has to  be kept in patient’s mouth.This often gives much postoperative sensitivity ,Lasts only for short period.


Lasers in Whitening are much easier & safe where we  use  special laser light to speed up the whitening process and achieve longer-lasting results.

The Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening


One of the primary benefits of laser teeth whitening is that, it is   incredibly non-invasive, and apart from the whitening gel or other type of solution and the laser, nothing else is required and it doesn’t result in any irritation to the teeth or gums, or any bleeding.  Teeth whitening treatment  at Thanjai Dental Centre , is both effective and incredibly safe to have done,as it is done by  our Qualified Laser Specialists


The results of teeth whitening using a laser are almost immediate and noticeable after just one session, especially when compared to strips (which can be hazardous) or other methods that might take several weeks before you notice the whitening effect. If the teeth are badly stained and yellow, however, especially from years of heavy smoking that has left them coated with lots of tar, several sessions with a teeth whitening specialist may be required so they turn to a shade of white you’re happy with.

Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening


Laser teeth whitening is also a painless procedure, and you won’t feel anything much while it’s being done. Plus, it’s quick, so you won’t be in the dentist’s chair all that long — most likely less than an hour. And because the laser light interacts with the hydrogen peroxide at the molecular level, making the process more powerful, it’s also a great way to deal with teeth that have yellowed due to age, making them much whiter and brighter and helping you to look younger.


Once your teeth whitening specialist examines you after the procedure, to make sure your teeth and gums are fine, you’re ready to go and no special care or attention is needed — apart from your usual oral hygiene routine, which should include brushing your teeth at least twice a day and using mouthwash to prevent the buildup of plaque. You may have some mild sensitivity in the days after your teeth whitening session, but it’s also possible that you’ll have none at all.


The results of your laser teeth whitening will be long-lasting compared to other methods — up to several years in some cases, if you look after your teeth well — and you can enjoy a great smile and increased self-confidence from knowing you look amazing.


If you’re after a dazzling smile and would like to have much whiter teeth, contact Thanjai Dental centre today for laser teeth whitening in Thanjavur and we will be happy to discuss options that might be suitable for you.



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