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Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

  • It is the most recent method of root canal treatment. The success rate has increased to manifold after the advent of microscope to endodontics.
  • The accessibility and visibility along with proper illumination has provided a comfortable treatment for both the dentist and the patient.
  • The treatment can be performed quickly and ultimately more successfully. You can get it done from the Dr Rajmohan , the owner of the renowned dental clinic in Thanjavur

How is it Beneficial?

  • High Magnification and Illumination
  • Proper Diagnosis Can Be Done and Accordingly Effective Treatment Plan Can Be Made.
  • During Root Canal Treatment, Microscope Aids In Caries Removal, Access Preparations, Canal Orifices Identification and Removal of Pulp from Pulp Chamber with Ease.
  • Canals Can Be Assessed More Accurately.
  • Least Chances of Any Missed Canal.
  • Every Small Details Of The Root Canal Can Be Easily Discovered.
  • Endodontic Retreatment Can Be Carried Out Easily.
  • Lowers The Risk Of Instrument Breakage.
  • Improved Prognosis

Special Therapies at Apex:

Removing an infected apex or sealing an open apex demand special treatment technique and accuracy. Microscope supported these therapies with increased success rate.

Endodontic Surgeries:

With dental microscope, endodontic surgeries like apicoectomy can be less traumatic and more successful.




Most of the time reason for endodontic failure is untreated root canal structures with remaining infections. This occurs because of lack of visibility. So with microscope’s high magnification and illumination this is eliminated. A dental microscope provides visibility up to the apex.


Anatomical variations like three rooted premolar and c shaped canals can be easily assessed and accurately treated.


All obliterations that are not visible with the naked eyes can be diagnosed and removed easily so that proper instrumentation can be done and suitable treatment can be given to the patient.

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Thus The dental microscope has become integral part of endodontic practice for both surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatment.


With dental microscope Dr Rajmohan and his team provide the Most Successful Root Canal Treatments which marks Thanjai dental centre, a specialised place for Advanced Endodontic practise in Thanjavur

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