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Dr.Rajmohan is one of the most distinguished and eminent  Implantologist and  Microdentist in thanjavur city. He is a dynamic doctor with most brilliant ideas, sympathetic attitude and a deep rooted sense of dedication to duty.


He has completed his Dental Studies in Saveetha Dental University in 1999  and has done his Fellowship in Dental Implantology From Nobel biocare Sweden in Rajan Dental Institute, Chennai in 2006. He has also completed Training in  Rotary Endodontics and also done Advanced Endodontic Programme In  Microscopic Dentistry.


Only dentist in thanjavur offering Microscopic Root Canal Treatments and thus he specialises in both  Implantology and   MicroDentistry Practising in  Multispeciality hospitals, he excels in Oral Surgeries and oral trauma management from Wisdom Tooth Surgeries to Facial fractures .


Apart from this, he has underwent numerous advanced trainings to further sharpen his professional skills. He attends regularly several significant seminars, symposia, workshops, programmes and conferences on different topics and acquires valuable knowledge of latest developments.

Dr. S. Rekha Rajmohan


Dr.Rekha is a young dynamic dentist who combines her scientific background with an artistic eye to bring the highest quality of personalized care to each of her client. She has completed her dental studies in S.R.M dental college,Chennai  in 2003 and is a  Certified   Laser Specialist.


An One year intensive Training Program in  laser dentistry at Sri Ramachandra Institute of higher education  & Research institute, Chennai  was done by Dr Rekha and  she is awarded
‘Fellowship in Laser dentistry’
Dr Rekha is one of best  dentists in Thanjavur, who  can provide Complete laser Dental Services.

A clear and thorough knowledge about lasers is very much important, as Lasers have to handle with care to ensure the right Treatment. For more than 20 years, Thanjai Dental Centre has incorporated the Latest advancements in dentistry & has integrated it into their day to day practise. She being an experienced and trained laser dentist can adjust the laser parameters emitted during the treatments to ensure safe and best results for each of her individual patient!


She can target only the compromised areas, eliminating damaged tissues, while leaving healthy tissues intact. All Surgical ,Therapeutic,as well as Cosmetic Laser Dental Treatments like  Gum bleaching (Gingival Depigmentation) ,Gum contouring, Laser Teeth whitening,  Laser assisted Periodontal therapy (LAPT) , Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) ,Photobiomodulation (PBMT) ,Laser assisted Root canal treatments, Laser Hypersensitivity management, Kids Pulp therapy are all provided. She continuously keeps enlightened herself of the latest advances and developments in the field of dentistry.


She is also certified “Clear Aligner Provider” the Latest Teeth Straightening. With this, she can help to straight your teeth without Metal braces, buttons!

No regular visits are needed; straighten your teeth in the go, at any age, any time!

Why Choose Thanjai Dental


THANJAI DENTAL CENTRE is now a Painless Laser Surgery Certified Dental Clinic
Congratulations, to our Co-Founder Dr S. Rekha Rajmohan
We’re overjoyed to congratulate her on successfully completing the WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute) course!


Our dedication and passion for superior patient care shine brightly, and we’re proud to announce that Thanjai Dental Centre is a “Painless-Bloodless Biolase Laser Certified Dental Clinic“.


Authorized by WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute)

Enjoy the benefits of dental lasers with us


Why you Should Consider Laser Dental Treatments?


  1. Advanced Treatment: Precision and minimally invasive procedures at their best.
  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Less pain, faster recovery.
  3. Bloodless Sutureless Dental Surgeries
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