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Thanjai Dental takes special care of its smallest patients, teaching oral health habits that create healthy smiles for a lifetime. Our caring, kid-friendly dentists and dental team work closely with kids and their parents to deliver an easy tear-free dental appointment and healthy tips for keeping kids’ teeth healthy  from an early age.

It's always best to fix a child's teeth at the hospital based dental clinic

There are several reasons why it is sometimes best to provide complete dental treatment for a young child in a hospital setting where a general anesthetics available along with our dental team.

  • If a child is too young or unable to cooperate for the dental procedure to be done in a regular clinic setting.
  • If the child needs extensive dental treatment. Many dental procedures are delicate and require that a patient be as cooperative as possible. Dental drills run at very high speeds and the utmost care needs to be taken with their use.
  • Asking a young child to sit in a dental chair for a long period of time for several appointments may simply be impossible for a young child.
  • Your child’s safety is our number one concern. If your child needs to be put to sleep(Sedation Dentistry Treatments) in order to provide complete dental treatment, the hospital is the safest place to do it.

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Dental Services

As a parent, we know you would rather prevent a dental problem for your children than treat one. We offer several types of treatment designed to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy and disease-free.

Dental Cleaning

Great dental hygiene starts with routine cleanings for your child with a dentist. We recommend oral health Checkups twice a year, preferably with your child’s bi-annual teeth cleaning.

Oral Health Exams

We recommend oral health exams twice a year, preferably during your child’s bi-annual teeth cleaning. Education is a priority. We want to make sure your child learns the importance of practicing daily oral hygiene.

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants is preventative agent applied to tooth enamel. It can protect teeth from getting cavities. It is brushed or “painted” on the tooth enamel. Avoiding crunchy food items and hot beverages.

Fluoride Treatments

Using small amounts of fluoride on a routine basis can help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride can be found as an active ingredient in many dental products such as toothpaste, mouth rinses, and varnish treatments. Fluoride also prevent cavities.

Pulpotomy/Root Canals on Milk Teeth

We perform a root canal to repair and save an infected or damaged tooth. This procedure involves removing damaged nerve and the pulp. Then we sterilize and clean the inside of the tooth before sealing it. Left untreated, the tooth will become terribly infected and could cause abscesses. This infection may affect the permanent tooth which developing under the milk tooth. So saving milk tooth is important to save permanent tooth!

Developmental Orthodontics

” Get your child’s teeth straightened before it becomes a problem in their adult life! “

Our specialist team implements early preventive orthodontic measures,so that when the permanent teeth are in both the teeth & jaws are in alignment. We are not only preparing your child’s teeth for the future, but we can change the growth pattern in the Right Positive way! It is strongly recommended that all children get an orthodontic check-up with us no later than age 7.

Interceptive Orthodontics is an extension of preventive orthodontics that may include minor local tooth movement in an otherwise normally developing situation.

There are several forms of Interceptive Orthodontics used to control placement and growth of the teeth.

  • Braces – Braces use metal connectors attached to the teeth to gradually create a straighter alignment.
  • Space maintainers – When one of a child’s baby teeth falls out much earlier due to decay or trauma,it leaves a space that may not be filled for some time.This may adjacent teeth to move towards the space leading to difficulty in underlying permanent teeth eruption.Space maintainer prevents all these problems.
  • Thumb sucking appliances – Thumb and finger sucking are among the top causes for orthodontic problems in young children. These habits can lead to misaligned bites as well as abnormal spacing between the top and bottom teeth. If you can’t seek to get your child to stop sucking his or her thumb or fingers, we can install a temporary in-mouth appliance that will help break this habit.
  • Dental Headgear – Like braces, a dental headgear uses the child’s natural growth to help force the jaw into a different alignment. The headgear attaches to the face and jaw and has an attached implement that goes into the mouth. These elements work together to force the jaw to stay in position

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