If you’ve lost confidence thanks to multiple missing teeth, dentures could be the perfect solution to getting it back. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to an accident, ageing, or poor oral hygiene, we can make sure your smile flourishes once again. Our network of dentists can create custom dentures that fit perfectly into your mouth, perfecting your bite and speech. With various full and partial dentures available, you’ll never have to worry about missing teeth again.

How we can complete your smile ?

Due to significant advances in dental technology, your new dentures will look just like your natural teeth. Dentures fit over the bone and soft tissues of your jaw and are made to match your remaining teeth in both shape and color. Comprised of metal or acrylic material, dentures can even be custom built with fillings to make your dentures look more like the teeth you’ve lost. It’s important to point out that once your new dentures are fitted, regular check-up appointments with your dentist will be required. Our professional dentists in thanjavur will check to ensure your dentures are comfortable, supportive and properly maintained.

Types of Dentures

Flexi Denture

Flexible partials are the latest trend in market to provide you with more comfortable experience than traditional plastic partial dentures. They are used when only few teeth are missing and in cases where in a fixed bridge is not possible. Traditional plastic dentures could be traumatic to use and is more prone for breaking. Flexible denture is more comfortable to use and maintain.

  • High bio-compatibility
  • Improved comfort
  • Aesthetics
  • Reduced chair time

When considering a removable partial, many people find the Flexible Partial to be the most comfortable option. The results of the flexible partial are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is very high. The fabrication process is non-invasive, and gives you confidence in your restoration while talking, eating and most importantly, smiling!

BPS ( Bio-functional Prosthetic system) dentures

BPS ( Bio-functional Prosthetic system) dentures provides a set of complete dentures which are a standard for comfort, function and aesthetics. Sophisticated instrumentation is used to record all your facial information, to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles.

People who are very quality-conscious and extremely concerned about their dentures looking natural and want nothing but the best are ideal candidates for BPS dentures.  These dentures can be customized to suit one’s persona and aesthetic expectations.

Only certified dental technicians are authorized to fabricate BPS dentures, after thorough analysis of your individual situation.  The excellent cooperation between the Prosthodontists at Thanjai Dental Centre and our BPS certified in house dental lab enables the optimum analysis of your expectations which are used for the fabrication of distinctive BPS dentures with the best materials available in the market today.

  • Comfort and a great fit – reduced irritation to the gums and ability to eat all kinds of food.
  • Aesthetics – a natural look so you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence
  • Strength – less chance of breakage because of the high quality dense material
  • Easy Maintenance – a very smooth surface ensures less plaque accumulation
  • High Quality Teeth Sets – Gnathostar, Ivostar and SR Phonares , provide a highly life like appearance to the denture along with excellent strength.

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