Computer guided teeth implants

No one likes to remain toothless and thanks to this impressive modern technology in dentistry,

Here at Thanjai Dental Centre , we can remedy that with computer-guided dental implants.

To ensure that you receive the best solution, a consultation is the first step to help better understand your case. This will aid in achieving a personalised treatment plan as each case is unique. Following the consultation, scans will be ordered to create a 3D surgical plan and guide to ensure easy placement of the implant.

  Our team have expert dentists of Thanjavur in 3D computer simulation surgery. With this technology, we  will offer you with the best dental implant procedures in these three cases;

Single tooth implant

Multiple teeth implants

Complete jaw set implants

Benefits of 3D computer simulation dental implant surgery

Excellent occlusion/bite.

Short healing periods

The implants last for long

Simple and more accurate procedure.

Minimal pains, discomforts, and free-stitches surgery

The procedure is time-saving; by half an hour, you will have fresh and great looking teeth

Therefore, with this procedure, you will have strong and more dependable dental implants that look like natural teeth and not susceptible to cavities. Thus, you will perform normal functions of teeth and your face won’t look prematurely aged due to an unstimulated jaw.

Are you missing a tooth, teeth or an entire set? 

Make a call and get computer guided dental implants from thanjai dental’s team of professional experts who are dedicated to delivering the best services by solving every dental issue you might have.