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About Dental Operating Microscope

The dental microscope is an important optical tool that allows us for better visualization through magnification of objects to 200 times of its actual size!

  •  Being in dental service for more 20 years, we strongly emphasise that with microscope we get an enhanced precision, which not only enhances the quality of our work, but also helps ensure long-term dental health for our Patients.

One of our primary goals is getting our Patients out of Dental pain and to give  long term successful results!

To do this, we need to get a closer look making microscopes invaluable to this success!
So now through Our Micro Dental treatments, we have redefined the concept of visualization which ensures you the Best Solutions for your Dental needs!

In addition, our dental microscopes come with additional attachments such as camera and video equipment. This allows us to engage with our patient more and allow you to not only see the extent of damage (if any) but also see the results. So now, our patients can feel involved and gain a better understanding of the procedure. Therefore, with dental microscopes, we strongly believe that you will notice significant benefits.

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Benefits of a Dental Microscope

  • High Efficiency – Efficiency is improved through visual enhancement, flexibility and reduced strain. A good dental microscope will provide great visualization while allowing for flexibility and reduced strain with an ergonomic design. This makes it easier to focus and concentrate on our patients with much better results than in a situation where the microscope is not used. Thus, a dental microscope will enhance both visualization and comfort, while enhancing performance.
  • Enhanced Quality of Treatment – With increased illumination and 200 times magnification, through Thanjai dental’s micrcopic treatments we provide most effective enhanced care.  Here, our patient’s benefits from minimized risks/damage minimized surgical intrusions as well as quick recovery time due to the improved quality of care.
  • Improved Productivity – With such features as high quality optics and other attachments, an ergonomic design also ensures increased productivity given that we dentists at thanjai dental Centre  would feel more relaxed and comfortable through the procedures which would in turn see productivity increased.

  • To Educate the Patient – Through a digital camera attachment, we can easily educate and counsel our patients. By looking at an image or a video, we  will be able to advice our  patient of the various options, which both allows the patient to remain involved and also choose the best procedure possible having visualized what their dental problem is!

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