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We are pleased to be a laser dentist in Thanjavur now offering highly effective BIOLASE Epic™ Laser technology in our clinic. This laser surgery system is revolutionizing the way certain dental procedures are performed, including treatments for infants and kids!
Individuals who are interested in having frenectomies,Gum surgeries,COSMETIC dental surgeries, Pain therapies can now receive BIOLASE Epic™ Laser treatments from us. We are qualified to utilize the minimally invasive BIOLASE Epic™ Laser system to treat many dental conditions without causing excessive pain to the patient or injecting them with large amounts of anesthetic.
This is to all patients who would like to receive laser soft tissue surgery as an alternative to more traditional oral surgery method.


Those who are looking for a dentist in Thanjavur who knows how to minimize patient discomfort without relying on the administration of anesthetic are invited to schedule a consultation and find out more about this unique laser-based treatment system. The distinctive technology behind the BIOLASE Epic™ Laser system makes it possible to cut through soft gum tissue with minimal vibration or pressure.

Feel free to contact us for any of Dental related issue to be treated with ease with this modern technology.

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