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Improving Smiles and Lives Through Good Dentistry

Your smile is an extension of your personality and one of your biggest assets. There is no better clinic to entrust with your smile than with us Dr. Rajmohan is renowned for his precision approach to dentistry and is the best cosmetic dentist Thanjavur  has to offer.


After helping more than 70,000 patients and dedicating nearly two decades of his life to dental art and science, Dr. Rajmohan is a master of his craft. He takes a personalized approach to dental care, dedicating time to each patient to find the best solution for their dental problems.

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You may be aware that there are wide Variety of Invisible braces available today.

But do you know the difference between clear aligners and Invisalign?

Invisalign is a Pioneer brand of Invisible aligners. And Invisible aligners are a collective term for traditional metal brace alternatives, including DIY Orthodontics.

Thanjai Dental Centre offers both Invisalign and other standard Clear Aligners along with regular orthodontic services.

The main differences between the variations of aligner technology are the prices, quality, treatment lengths and strength.

Because of the much advertised  lower-quality, inexpensive DIY (Do-it-Yourself) aligners, in the market,people often think that they work similarly to Invisalign, but this is simply not the case!

As professional and experienced dentists, we would recommend only orthodontic treatments that have the involvement and influence of a dentist throughout the treatment.

This is the only way patients can guarantee  successful & Safe results.

Aligners done without direct medical supervision can cause serious outcomes on  your teeth & surrounding gum tissues.


Now lets see what are the advantages of using INVISALIGN


*Align Technology has been in operation for more than 20 years and this brand has supplied Invisalign aligners and corrected millions of misaligned smiles.

*Throughout the decades, Invisalign has incredibly developed and advanced,so the aligner technology which once known to just fix small and minor bite problems,  can  almost Correct all types of teeth malalignments which is not  possible in regular aligners.

*INVISALIGN  have evolved from extensive  research and development to make sure that the treatments are corrective and results orientated.

*This means that you are guaranteed support and reassurance in a product that works to achieve the best results for you.



Further The Invisalign brand is continually evolving and researching techniques to improve the treatment outcome.

The aligners are constructed of a specially patented thin material (SMART TRACK)that retains its rigidity for longer than other traditional aligners.This product is unique only  to Invisalign.



The SMART TRACK material guarantees  accuracy in the treatment & also more predictable results.This material makes  the aligners  to retain the design & shape  to move the teeth throughout the process. It is attention  given to such microscopic details  that gives  macroscopic great results.

Further, All Aligners function based on software designed to fabricate them  & Invisalign, a tried and trusted product for over 20 years provides a very accurate and predictable result due to the innovative 3D ClinCheck software.

This ensures that all treatments are accurately planned out beforehand leading to the best possible correcting solutions for your situation. Many patients find this Visual Simulation for treatment planning very useful and reassuring.



Our dental Team is highly qualified and trained in advanced treatment planning.

Also,A high level of support and advice for all cases including a team of expert orthodontists, are on hand to properly manage all patient cases.

This means every treatment has the backing of multiple second opinions guaranteeing a favorable outcome.



Other alignment systems are generally thicker

The plastic material is not as strong or powerful

Invisalign clear aligners are more invisible or less noticeable

Though other aligners  are  cheaper but  they are less effective

Invisalign is more trackable and shows the progression of tooth movement

Invisalign improves gum and oral health

Thus,Not all invisible aligners are created equal and Invisalign has proven itself to be the best of the best treating over 6 million smiles including 1.4 million teens.Yes, Invisalign  offers  teen orthodontics,thus they can be used now for both adults as well as teenagers .

We at Thanjai Dental centre are committed to bring the best orthodontic care to our patients in Thanjavur.

We always Make sure our patients have access to the most advanced technology when it comes to their smile & is something we are truly passionate about.

Whether you are looking for Invisalign for Adults, Invisalign for Teens, or  to get more information about orthodontics for your child, our friendly team have the experience to help you make the right decision.

For more information on Invisalign or Advanced Orthodontic treatments, give us a call at +91 9487537414 or book an appointment and be on your way to a better smile!

Labomed Prima Dental operating microscope


For just about every dentist, natural visuals have their limits and can only be partially able to fulfill given tasks at low level precision, which would not be satisfactory for both the dentist nor the patient.

To overcome such challenges,  we dentists need a high quality microscope that will not only enhance precision, but also minimize risks.

Only by using the right microscope we  can benefit from excellent visualization, ideal treatment ergonomics and see the quality of treatment increase significantly.

Therefore, it is always right to say  that dental microscope have become invaluable tools in dentistry.

Labomed Prima Dental operating microscope  in Thanjai Dental Centre   provides the most ideal dental treatment for our patients.

* This US made Microscope provides The combination of optimum magnification and extreme light intensity .
* More accurate diagnosis & dental treatment is possible ,enabling less invasive procedures
* It also  allows visualizing the internal anatomy of the tooth during treatment, enabling to locate, clean and fill extra canals and spaces which would mostly likely be missed in normal eye or even in magnified loupes otherwise!
* The microscope can be also used in conjunction with ultrasonic instruments to remove calcifications and other blockages.
* LABOMED MICROSCOPE is also used  in diagnosing the presence of cracks in the tooth structure and determining the extent of a fracture line.
* Small cavities are identified and scheduled for early treatment
* Perfect Implant placements are achieved
* Less discomfort, more natural results that feel better & last longer.

Overall the use of Labomed Prima dental operating microscope in dental treatment greatly enhances to perform treatment and helps ensure high success rate

World’s Best Dental Laser


The most Effective,Reliable dental laser is now available at Thanjai Dental Centre.

* Painless, Bloodless Dental surgeries can be done with this laser.

* And most of the procedure can be carried out without anesthesia, meaning no need for injections!

* The increased antimicrobial effect of Dental lasers reduces the necessity for using medicines after surgery!


Dental diode lasers gives the easy relief management for TMJ pain problems ( Temoramandibular joint) in a very few APPOINTMENTS without surgeries.


Laser teeth whitening is most Safe quick method without the side effects of postoperative sensitivity which usually happens in other whitening methods.

World’s Best Dental Laser


The most Effective,Reliable dental laser is now available at Thanjai Dental Centre.

* Painless, Bloodless Dental surgeries can be done with this laser.

* And most of the procedure can be carried out without anesthesia, meaning no need for injections!

* The increased antimicrobial effect of Dental lasers reduces the necessity for using medicines after surgery!


Dental diode lasers gives the easy relief management for TMJ pain problems ( Temoramandibular joint) in a very few APPOINTMENTS without surgeries.


Laser teeth whitening is most Safe quick method without the side effects of postoperative sensitivity which usually happens in other whitening methods.

Digital X-ray Scanner


We use the latest x-ray technology to diagnose oral health problems in a painless, non-invasive way.  Our digital x-ray scanner eliminate the needs for the laborious and messy manual processing of the film x-rays which yellow over-time. Digital x-rays(RVG) which is almost instantly and electronically processed can be stored perceptually. It provide more details, leading to more accurate diagnosis. These sophisticated equipment limits the xray exposure  to patient  to  very negligible levels,that it can be taken even to pregnant women!


We adhere to the ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) principle, as defined by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 10 CFR 20.1003. The principle directs medical establishments to identify and use ways to minimize the exposure of medical personnel, patients and clinical staff to radiation.

Sterilization Autoclaves


Autoclaves sterilize dental tools by subjecting them to high pressure, saturated steam. Thanjai Dental’s autoclaves are imported from international manufacturers and our doctors are trained in and adhere to strict protocols for the sterilization of tools.

Electronic Apex Locator


Electronic apex locator (are an endodontist’s best friend) is a device used in endodontics treatment to help the dentist to determine a final accurate working length of the root canal space. An accurate length control in endodontics is one of the keys toward painless endodontics. Accurate working length determination prevent under-instrumentation that could leave tissues and debris in the apical segment and over-instrumentation which could cause patient discomfort, damage periapical tissue, or potentially cause an infection or cyst formation from the placement of the irritating materials beyond the apex.

Intelligent Dental Chairs


Provide comfort for the patient and seamless operation for the dental surgeon. The patient dental chair is designed to accommodate patient comfort.


The dental chair has several controls to adjust for patient comfort and flexibility in positioning during the treatment with a silent and smooth movement. The anatomic backrest supports the shoulders make the patient feels supported without leaning on armrests.

Digital Impressions


Digital 3D Intra-Oral Scanning


How and Why We Do it?!


At Thanjai Dental Centre, we  assure that you get  the latest and best dental treatments – Also ,we are earnest about new technology in our field!


Our Senior Dentist, Dr Rekha Rajmohan is Certified Clear Aligners Provider.

She provides the best teeth straightening options to her clients and always make it easy for them through quick and prompt treatments. She even shows you a simulation of how your teeth will look like when we finish the orthodontic treatment,before starting regular procedures!


Digital scanning for Clear Aligners treatment is a huge advance in orthodontic technology, which makes it an important part of what we do here at Thanjai Dental Centre. We strongly believe in staying upto date in latest technology & one of the modern advances in recent years is DIGITAL SCANNING.


We are much obliged to offer our clients a better experience than traditional orthodontics like metal braces. Thus we have incorporated clear aligners into our practise so that we give the best teeth Straightening in more easy way, and combined with intra oral scanning, we are able to provide aligners in much shorter period of time.


Instead of the manual impressions used before , we use modern digital machine, 3Shape TRIOS® scanner which offers accurate impressions. This is done by using video scan digitally,where your teeth is scanned by wand like instrument which is moved around teeth and gums.


And , do you know ,you can see your teeth’s digital model in front of you as we Scan it! Thus it definitely gives a great experience for you. We can give you best of treatment plan,its outcome as accurate Impressions are made which are captured with Digital scan than with regular impression techniques.


Clears Aligners along with Digital scanning gives you the Best results in much short span of time. Thus Faster Processing, Faster Treatments Yet Long lasting Results are now possible. Call our centre today to schedule a consultation for your orthodontic treatment with Clear Aligners /Invisalign /Braces!


For More Details – https://youtu.be/IaP82buzmac

Dental Loupes


We Use Dental Loupes which magnify treatment site, gives us more detailed view to properly conduct dental procedures. Using loupes makes assessment and diagnosis of oral problems easier as well in treatments and surgeries, it plays a vital role in the overall success of the procedures.


Thus, Dental Loupes  magnifies areas of the mouth that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, a small crack in the tooth can be detected by high-resolution eye loupes.

Early detection will mean earlier treatment and earlier treatment will mean more teeth that are kept a lifetime. Apart from the better improvement of vision, dental loupes helps us to obtain physiologic posture while working and thereby minimizing risk of backaches which dentist are well known to develop. We consider using loupes in  our daily dental practice.


Clinical examination using loupes can be an advantage; it decreases the risk of wrong diagnosis. Magnification helps us to practice more safely and with superior standards. In our line of work at Thanjai Dental Centre, we constantly challenge ourselves not just in providing quality service for our patients but for personal excellence as well. With the help of our loupes, we look forward to provide you and your teeth with the Best care for years to come!

World Class Rotary Tools


We import world-class rotary tools from Germany and Japan, which are used for drilling. They enable us to drill with greater precision, so the plaque and bacteria present at the site can be thoroughly removed. This allows fillings to properly attach to the cavity wall. As a result, fillings last longer.

Ultrasonic Scaler


Plaque and calculus deposited in everyone mouth. Plaque can be easily removed by proper brushing and flossing. However, if the plaque is not clean properly, the calcium that is present in the caliva will cause the plaque to calcify and harden, result in the formation of calculus.


Calculus is hardly to get remove with normal brushing. The only method to get rid of all the calculus is to do a dental scaling. Ultrasonic scaler provides rapid removal of calculus. The slim scaler tips have been designed to allow better access to subgingival pockets. The high vibration at the tip of the instrument with a spray of water flushes calculus, debris and bacteria out from the base of the pocket.

Full Mouth OPG


An orthopantomogram (OPG) is an advanced type of Full Mouth Dental X-Ray. An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-ray, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It demonstrates the number, position and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced or erupted.

High Quality Instruments & Dental Consumables


At Thanjai Dental Centre, we strive to provide equipment and instruments that are on par with the best in international standards. This is reflected from the Equipment & Instruments to the Consumables, that we use in our clinics.


We ensure every instrument that is being used on the patient are of good quality and follow safety standards.


Some of the international brands that we use are,

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